Tea ‘n’ Tut – 7th November

Over 100 people enjoyed tea and cake together in the Assembly Rooms, followed by an excellent animated performance by Three’s Company and friends on the theme of Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in November 1922.

Three’s Company was formed in 2013 by Irma Fowler, Leah Spencer and Lesley Mardle, stalwarts of Westacre Theatre, to raise money for charity.

Tea and Cake with Tutankhamun featured Irma, Leah and friends – Jane Cooper, Vanessa Dupont and Clive Hadfield. The group took a lighthearted look at the life and times of Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb by Howard Carter. References included Mastermind, Bake-Off and Horrible Histories, not to mention a few Tommy Cooper style jokes!

Thanks to Leah Spencer for organising the event and writing the script. Thanks also to Phoenix Singers who baked the cakes and served them – they had over 100 cups, saucers and plates to wash and answered such questions as “Are the cakes vegan” – “is the coffee decaf?  – “do you do green/ Indian/china tea?”.

Swaffham’s own Egyptian Dancers participated in the event, which raised over £500 for Swaffham and Litcham Hospice.

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